Foto Clio
Body Painted Nylon
Seals EPDM rubber Gaskeet- Megol grommets

Elegant in form, eclectic in the material used, “CLIO” is available with NYLON cover for wall surface and stainless steel AISI 316L finish frame for wall recessed and inground. “CLIO” is a versatile and easy fixture to insert in any habitat. The material used in the creation of “CLIO” guarantee its use even in environments with extreme weather conditions.

Square steel frame

Available Colours
Color Cod.
Icona colore Steel 99
Code Class IP IK Source w mA lm lm/W CRI CCTK
1081R/1B1.VT B II 67 09 GX53 - FCB/T2 9W 330lm 36,7lm/W >90
Compact Fluorescent
1081R/NR1.VS A+ II 67 09 LED AC 230V - SMD 5630 AC 5W 475lm 55lm/W >80 4000K
LED SMD Chip 5630 AC
1081R/WR1.VS A+ II 67 09 LED AC 230V - SMD 5630 AC 5W 450lm 52lm/W >80 3000K
LED SMD Chip 5630 AC