Foto Orion
Installation Type Ground installation
Body Extruded alluminium alloy EN AW 6060
Box Die-cast aluminium alloy EN AB46100
Frame Die-cast aluminium alloy EN AB46100
Header Stainless Steel AISI430F
Display Opal Polycarbonate (PC) GWT850 UV Stabilized
Seals EPDM Closed Cell Rubber Compound flame retardant Tx-40/+150°C
Screws Stainless steel Cat.V2
Sink Extruded Aluminium Alloy AW6060
Painting Anti-corrosive UV stabilised polyester powder
Driver/Supply Incorporated Driver 220-240V/50-60Hz
Dimming NA
Wiring Double insulation cable for external H05RN-F with IP68 Cable Galnd
Optical Type PC Frosted diffuser LTF>45%

Post-top luminaire for ground-mounted installation, with white opal diffuser for greater uniformity of luminous flux. Configurable optics housing for emission from 1 to 4 light sources at different heights. Ground anchor bracket with anchor bolts in A2 steel. Powered by built-in driver with fixed or dimmer output.


All electrification refer to the maximum power, you can ask for lower powers.

Anchor Bolts available upon request