Foto Gemini
Installation Type Wall recess installation
Body Die-cast aluminium alloy EN AB46100
Box Stabilised, charged polypropylene PP UV GWT750 Cat.V2 Recessed Box
Frame Printed steel AISI316
Display Acid-frosted borosilicate glass, 4mm
Seals Closed-cell EPDM rubber
Screws in steel AISI316
Painting Anti-corrosive UV stabilised polyester powder
Wiring Electronic (LED)
Optical Type Satin anodised aluminium 99 85

Gemini is a much-loved style of recessed lighting device, created by the combination of different materials and processes: steel, coated aluminium and glass, using acid-frosted diffuser glass to reduce the direct glare effect. The result is a reduced-thickness light which assumes even greater value once it is attached to even quite distinctive textures of wall. This lighting device uses electronic neon or LED bulbs, a clear indication of its residential use, with particular focus on energy efficiency. The recessed lighting versions are supplied with a polypropylene recess box.

Steel frame recessed light

Available Colours
Color Cod.
Icona colore White 00
Icona colore Antique bronze 24
Icona colore Anthracite 30
Icona colore Grey 40
Icona colore Polished steel 9110 99
Code Class IP IK Source w mA lm lm/W CRI CCTK
9300R/1E6.VS A I 65 05 G24q-1 FSMH/TC-DEL G24q-1 - G24q-1 FSMH/TC-DEL 13W 900 lm 69,2 lm/W >80 3000
Electronic band
9300R/1T1.VS D I 65 05 E27 HSGSA/P45 E27 - E27 HSGSA/P45 46 max W 700 lm 15,2 lm/W >100 3000
Halogen Energy
9300R/NR3.VS A I 65 05 SMD 5630 LED LED - SMD 5630 LED 9 W 800 lm 88,9 lm/W >80 4000
LED Plate 220-240Vac
9300R/WR3.VS A I 65 05 SMD 5630 LED LED - SMD 5630 LED 9 W 680 lm 75,6 lm/W >80 3000
LED Plate 220-240Vac