Foto Square
Installation Type Wall recess
Body Die-cast aluminium alloy EN AB46100
Box Die-cast aluminium alloy EN AB46100
Frame Die-cast aluminium alloy EN AB46100
Header NA
Display Opal/sandblasted PC GWT850 UV Cat. V2
Seals Closed-cell EPDM rubber
Screws in steel AISI316
Sink Integrated on-board
Painting Anti-corrosive UV stabilised polyester powder
Driver/Supply Built-in
Dimming NA
Wiring Double insulation cable for external type H05RN-F
Optical Type Satin anodised aluminium 99 85

Square is an extremely durable and solid product, designed for ensuring luminosity solutions for outdoor environment, especially in residential areas with gardens and greens. With the choice among three different colour shades, Square can perfectly match your setting needs. Mechanically manufactured in such a way that the light is directed in a specific way, Square is a complete and versatile product which can be adapted to all requirements. The product is also available in a LED version, guaranteeing lighting efficiency and the lowest energy consumption level.

Directed light Bollard

Available Colours
Color Cod.
Icona colore White 00
Icona colore Antique bronze 24
Icona colore Anthracite 30
Icona colore Grey 40
Code Class IP IK Source w mA lm lm/W CRI CCTK
290F1/1E2.PR A+ I 65 07 GX24q-3 FSMH/TC-TEL GX24q-3 - GX24q-3 FSMH/TC-TEL 26 W 1800 lm 69,2 lm/W >80 3000
Electronic band
290F1/EM5.VS A2 I 65 07 G12 MT/HIT-TC G12 - G12 MT/HIT-TC 70 W 6800 lm 97,1 lm/W >90 3000
Metal Halide
290F1/NR3.PR A I 65 07 SMD 5630 LED LED - SMD 5630 LED 13 W 1300lm 92,3 lm/W >80 4000
LED Plate 220-240Vac
290F1/WR3.PR A I 65 07 SMD 5630 LED LED - SMD 5630 LED 13 W 1020 lm 78,5 lm/W >80 3000
LED Plate 220-240Vac